A marketplace cloud platform connecting clients with Jewellery designers.


Product designer of the platform.

Working on user flows, onboarding processes and marketing materials.


Morpheus is a marketplace cloud platform connecting clients to jewellery designers, allowing them to recreate lost or stolen jewellery from pictures to 3d models and later to 3D printed jewellery.



It was a challenge to create a platform that allows users who have no professional jewellery knowledge, to communicate their needs and wishes within the platform to a professional jewellery designer in order to fulfil their needs.

Digital co-workroom as a solution

Drop a note to the jeweller

The solution was a simple coworking room for the clients and jewellers, allowing the client to comment on specific details about the jewellery itself and clarify their needs and wishes. The designer was able to upload as many pictures as he needed in order to show the jewellery piece modelled from different angles.

Finding pictures

Another big challenge was creating a simple onboarding process for new clients. People who lost jewellery usually do not remember where they have pictures with the lost pieces of jewellery if they have them at all.


Beside a regular uploader, common photo-sharing tools were used, such as:

Dropbox, google photos, Flickr, iCloud and others. For those who can’t find their photos, we added an algorithm, scanning users’ whole picture folders for finding the jewellery.


From the client's backend office

Extending possibilities 

Following our success on recreating lost jewellery inside Morpheus platform, we decided to extend the product to other websites and especially to visual dedicated such as Pinterest.

We decided to go as a-layer-above extension that will allow users to bring photos of desired jewellery piece that they found on any site into Morpheus platform.

with any site Integration

We made the “Make it Button” - a browser extension that can send any picture to Morpheus platform and later 3D print it.


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